Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture Review

Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture is a 120 gel capsules bottle of fermented cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is a great source of essential vitamins as vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. And sometimes, it’s hard to get all these vitamins from the foods we eat, so it’s better to take them as supplements.

Many studies have been made proving that cod liver oil has many benefits to your health. But with so many different brands out there, it may be a little difficult to choose the best one. And this is why I mentioned the Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture.

Green Pasture entire business focuses on delivering high-quality food oils products, without adding any chemicals. And their Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil is one of their best-selling products.

green pasture cod oil

Since the fermented cod liver oil comes in capsules, it’s a lot easier not only to swallow as if you’re wondering about the taste, you can hardly notice it. There’s no after taste and even blurps, which are pretty common when you take any cod liver oil, are almost nonexistent.

The Blue Ice Cod Liver may seem a bit expensive but I can assure you it’s well worth the price.

There are many advantages when you take your capsules regularly:

* They do wonders to your teeth problems. They will help you not only in pain as well as they will help to recover from your cavities.

* If you’re pregnant or just have your baby now, the Blue Ice Cod Liver will help you improve your fatty acids that will pass on to your baby when you are breastfeeding him. He will also notice the effects since the capsules will help optimize his brain health.

* You will be able to lower down and maintain your cholesterol levels.

* If you have bone and pain issues, the Blue Ice Cod Liver will help you having healthy bones and relief your muscle and joint pains.

* It will help you reduce acne and eczema substantially.

* Helps you to be more energetic and with your mood.

* It will help you improve your arthritis.

Either when we want to get better from any health condition or just maintain a good and healthy body and mind, we need to take the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. And in what concerns to health, we just want the best, the products that actually work. And this is the case of the Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil. You can rest assured that it’s a high-quality product and that will definitely help you.



Salmon Oil in Human Diet

Salmon oil is obtained and derived from the fish and contains omega-3 in it. It doesn’t mean that the oil which is obtained just by salmon is termed as salmon oil but every fish that contain omega-3 in its body, that oil is known as salmon oil. As this oil is mostly found in salmon in great quantity, that’s why we call it as salmon oil. Commonly, salmon oil is found in salmon, mullet, anchovy, herring, sardines, mackerel, trout, bluefish, tuna, menhaden and sturgeon.

Salmon Oil Supplements

As our body doesn’t make omega-3 by its own, so it has to be taken from the outside source. We can intake omega-3 by eating above mentioned fishes or by taking supplements available in the market. These supplements contain omega-3, other minerals and vitamins and also some preservatives packed in a capsule, this is an easy way of getting omega-3. But when you eat fish, you also take many other minerals along with omega-3 which are not available to you when you take supplements because it is impossible to obtain all the minerals from a single fish even by many processes. So, naturally, it is good to go with the fish itself instead of taking supplements. According to an estimation, by consuming 0.1 Kg (3.5 ounces approx.) of fish, you gain 1 gram of omega-3 and many other minerals and vitamins.

salmon oil

Biologically, it is proven and medically, it is studied that omega-3 is very essential for our body to grow and function properly.

Cooking techniques

Before discussing the benefits of salmon oil, it is worth noting that gaining the benefits of salmon oil may vary and depends directly on the way you cook the fish. It will definitely be beneficial if you broil or bake the fish but on the other side of the scene, it may increase the possibility of heart attacks and other related diseases, if you fry it deep or make fish burgers. During frying, all the essential minerals and vitamins transform and turn their state from an ally to an enemy.


Salmon oil is considered to be the best for cardiovascular problems. In layman terms, heart related diseases and problems with blood vessels. Heart inflammation increases the risk of heart attack and by taking salmon oil, this risk can be minimized. Omega-3 is a good anti-inflammation. So salmon oil, actually, slows down the activity of the NFkB gene (which causes heart to inflate).

High blood pressure during and after the pregnancy, can be cured effectively. After any transplant or bypass, salmon oil is used to normalize the high blood pressure.

EPA and DHA are the most important fatty acids, found in omega-3, which are essential for the fetal development in the womb during the first four months of pregnancy.


DHA is good for the maintenance of the brain and eyesight. Many brain related problems like stress, depression, psychosis can be cured by DHA. While EPA and DHA both play an important role in the development of the functionality of heart.

Salmon oil is beneficial for the development of weak bones. Osteoporosis in women and men, can be effectively treated and cured by salmon oil.

Omega-3 is good for hair. It makes them strong, long and shinier. Omega-3 also prevent our skin from drying and lubricates it as it is a good and healthy fatty acid.

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, both can be cured by salmon oil. Omega-3 in salmon oil, actually strengthens the bones and reduces the pain and swelling.

Fish Oil Supplement Benefits

In the last decade, fish oil supplements have become exceptionally popular as people begin to become aware of the many benefits that this substance has. There are still those who have yet to discover the great advantages of fish oil-based supplements.

Fish Oil Supplement Intake

What’s Fish Oil Exactly?

For those who don’t know fish oil supplement benefits probably don’t know what it consists of. The name pretty much exposes itself. If you consume fish, you are eating fish oil. Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids. This oil contains many benefits for the human body, but it is an advantage that many do not get enough of in their diets. This reason is why fish oil supplements were constructed; to give people easier access to these health factors.

Fish Oil Supplement Benefits

The primary focus for fish oil is the health benefits. Here are the most commonly discussed benefits of fish oil that might intrigue you.

Helps To Improve Your Immune System

There has been much research done to prove this benefit, and it is thought to be an advantage from fish oil. Scientists have tested on pigs immune systems and discovered that it helped in their growth. Common illnesses such as the flu and cold can be prevented by the fish oil substance. Much research is still being done on this topic.

Can Help With Menstrual Pain

Another possible benefit for users is the pain relief from menstrual cramps. Fish oils can be a more natural way to relieve these pains. It can help on it’s on or be taken with vitamin B12.

Skin Moisturizing

One of the most popularly known benefits of fish oil is for the skin. The substance itself can be applied topically, but supplements have also been shown to increase the quality of moisture in the skin. Fish oil has also been used to aid the recovery of rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Can Prevent Hair Loss

Another excellent benefit that fish oil offers is for your hair. The omega-3 that is found in fish oil stimulates growth and brings nutrients to hair follicles.

Helps Pregnancy

Taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy has been shown to aid in the development of the unborn child. It has been known to assist with the developing brain and eyes of the baby. Research has shown that mothers who took fish oil supplements during pregnancy have children with increased hand-eye coordination. It has also been said that the supplements help decrease the chances of low birth weight, miscarriages, and premature birth.

Increases Blood Circulation

One of the most researched topics is the benefit of blood flow. This can help with many diseases. Fish oil supplements have been shown to reduce triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels. It is still being researched, as most of the test subjects have been rats.

Helps With Weight Loss

Fish oil has been researched for the benefit of weight loss. The supplement has been tested to make exercise more efficient. Test groups had shown including fish oil in their diets had better results.

One specific type – cod liver oil has shown to have even more benefits positively affecting human well being. Although tentative results are promising one still needs to do a thorough research to find out whether fish oils have side effects.


These are only some of the fish oil supplement benefits, as there is a wide variety of topics that is being researched. The supplement has since proven to help with excellent benefits for its user.